Monday, July 29, 2013

One Item Every Businessperson Should Have

I recently stumbled upon an article on Creative Overflow about the importance of business cards. The author lists 4 main reasons everyone should have them. Business cards create a solid first impression, can be used as direct marketing tools, build a brand, and are budget-friendly. The article gives great tips on why every entrepreneur and businessperson should have business cards, but I am going to talk about how I utilized my own.

Before I started grad school, I never thought about having business cards. Why did I need them? I do not work for a company, and at the time I was not doing freelance work. During the first few months at Full Sail, though, I met several students who did have business cards. Those students really did make a great first impression. I thought they were professional, and most likely experts in their career fields. I then decided to get business cards of my own.

The cards are extremely useful, and I just carry them around school with me. I always make sure I have them when I am on campus, and I keep a few in my purse, just in case I am outside of school and run into someone in my industry. I am actively involved in an organization on campus, so I meet new people almost every day, and there is no better way to market myself than by handing someone a business card.

I struggled at first, because I was not sure what to put on the card. Like I said, I do not work for a company, so I did not have a logo or company name. The best thing for me to do was market my personal brand. I listed my contact information, degree program, and even added a QR code that leads to this blog. I tried to keep the card simple and visually appealing. The cards are great conversation starters. I have found that even if people do not read the card, they will at least glance at them.

As the Creative Overflow article states, business cards are budget-friendly. Sometimes companies will run specials that offer your first so many cards free. There are a ton of companies that print business cards, but I used Vistaprint. The site allows customized cards, but also has a huge selection of templates. Moo is another great site. You can also do a quick online search for others, and you will get a ton of results. No matter which company you choose, a business card is one of the most important and inexpensive investments you can make for yourself and your business.

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