Friday, January 18, 2013

Is there still room for Myspace?

Is there still room for Myspace?

Facebook is the top social media site-I think everyone can agree on that, but before Mark Zuckerberg, there was Tom. Tom was the face of the other social media site, Myspace. When I was in high school, Myspace was the only social networking site anyone really used. It was all the rage with its customizable profiles, music playlists, and no one can forget those wonderfully annoying chain posts. Then I went to college, and no one used Myspace anymore, the new place to be was Facebook. Unfortunately for Myspace, millions of users began to switch and the site suffered a huge loss in revenue. After being bought by Justin Timberlake and making some major changes, Myspace is hoping to reclaim some of its social media glory.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spark your customers' [P]interest...

It is a widely known fact that social media has had a huge impact on the way people interact with each other and how they are exposed to companies. My current favorite social media site, Pinterest, recently made news when the site updated its terms of service to better cater to businesses. I was first introduced to Pinterest a little over a year ago, and quickly became fascinated by the site, which allows users to organize pinboards that feature pictures of home d├ęcor, fashion, gardening, and everything in between.